Awards Received by Dylan Tauber:


  • My “Love And You Will Live” music video is in the top 3 on YES Music Channel 198 TV, Israel, for the week of 7-9-23 to 7-15-23
  • 7/1/23 – “Love And You Will Live” music video is on the playlist of Channel 24 Music TV, Israel.
  • 6/27/23 – “Love And You Will Live” music video is being played on YES Music Channel 198 TV, Israel, twice a day for at least 2 weeks.
  • 3/25/23 – My entire album “I Am Alive” was featured on 39 radio stations in 39 countries by the European Indie Music Network, as well as on many other radio stations internationally.
  • As of 3/21/23 the music of Dylan Tauber has been featured on over 140 radio stations, and reviewed in approximately 130 music publications.
  • 3/20/23 – Energy 94.2 FM, Greece, featured “Love And You Will Live” as the first song on their EDM set
  • Featured in one print newspaper in Israel, and on on 2/1/21.
  • On 2/2/21 Dylan Tauber’s song “Angels 2.0” was played on Gal Gal Latz, one of Israel’s largest national radio stations.
  • On 4/26/22 – Dylan’s “He Loves Carmen” album was played on “New Music Sunday”, KRDP 90.7 FM Radio, Pheonix, Arizona.
  • On 5/27/22, Dylan had 15,152 monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • On 5/8/22 – “He Loves Carmen” was aired on WDNF-Philly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • In 2022, Every Saturday, the music of Dylan Tauber is featured on Saipan Radio 100.3 KWAW
  • 6/19/22 – Radio Hits IL, Israel, “I Love Carmen” is the song of the week.
  • 6/28/22 “Let It Go”, Soulmate“. and “Light Warrior” added to the playlist of Radio Hits IL, Israel.
  • 6/29/22 – Featured on, a major international electronic music website, with 2.7 million followers on Facebook.
  • 1/9/17 – “Compilation 2” was featured on Radio Kol Rega, a national radio station in Israel. They broadcast an interview with me, and two songs were played- “Son of Waves 2.0 Remix (feat. Enlia)” and “So Far Away”. Thank you very much Radio Kol Rega!
  • The videos and music videos of Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios have had millions of views as of 2023.
  • Summer of 2019-present- the music of Dylan Tauber is played at the “Dolphin and Sea Center” in Ashdod, Israel.
  • The photography and digital art of Dylan Tauber has been exhibited in 11 galleries internationally.
  • Dylan Tauber’s resume.
  • A one hour special on Radio Apilog in Israel, in May, 2017: 
  • Transcript of Radio Apilog translated to English.
  • The music and websites of Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios have received many awards since 1996:

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