Dylan Tauber began writing his book “Double Mirrors” in 1994 which revolves around his Double Mirror Theory, submitted as a paper for a class in Columbia University, where he graduated in 1996. Dylan was the summer associate editor of the Columbia Spectator newspaper in 1994.

In 1996 Dylan founded DoubleMirrors.com and began to publish his writing through this web site. In 1997 Dylan began keeping an online journal, years before online blogging would become mainstream. In 2000 he published his Double Mirror theory on DoubleMirrors.com, as well as Ones and Zeros, a new theory he developed in January, 2000 while living in Jerusalem.

In 2001 Dylan published two books, “Double Mirrors” and “The Doorway.” Both books are meant to be experienced together with the music albums with the same names he recorded not long before publishing the books. The two books are now available for ebook download at Smashwords.com and iBookstore for $2.99 each.

NewSonofWavesCover2SM.jpgSon of Waves” : A screenplay / short story by Dylan Tauber, was released on 3/30/18 for free download. An audiobook was released for this “Son of Waves” screenplay on 4/17/18, also for free download.

Son of Waves 2.0“, a short story by Dylan Tauber, was released on 5/28/19 for free download, but please contact me for the password.

israeliflag.jpg Theories by Dylan Tauber in Hebrew


Download the screenplay and audiobook by Dylan Tauber for free: